Video Games

Of course, the Tomb Raider is probably the most famous as a video game franchise. That's what ultimately created the demand for the Tomb Raider Video Slot.

Tomb Raider is one of the top-selling video games franchises of all time.This game (or morer accurately the series) has shipped more than 40 million copies.

1996–2003: Tomb Raider to The Angel of Darkness
The original game, called Tomb Raider, came out on the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and PC. It was one of the games behind the Sony PlayStation's success in the mid-90s, a purple patch for Sony in which they sold over 100 million PlayStation consoles. The games are  3D: with tombs (hence the name), and other destiantions, through which Lara explores with the help of the player.

There are dangerous animals and evil villains that you must terminate along the way, and the aim is to build up a collection of precious artefacts and solve coonundrums on your way to attaining the end goal- the supreme treasure. Think Indiana Jones, only female. Lara Croft is usually in a race against other (evil) collectors who lust after the artefact's special powers. There will be hideous monsters, creatures, and mutants which you must defeat along the way.

Tomb Raider really broke the mould as a 3D shooter game. The action follows her, with the view point being over her shoulder or from behind.

Crystal Dynamics began working on Tomb Raider: Legend. And relaunched the video game series with Tomb Raider: Legend which brought the game back to its roots with Lara Croft's original creator, Toby Gard working on a sequel. This was the game in which Lara gets an electromagnetic grapple that she can attach to metal objects, make rope swings and pull metal objects (and enemies) toward her.

Legend was a real success-  a remake was produced and released around  a year later, called Tomb Raider: Anniversary, followed by Tomb Raider: Underworld (2008).

In the summer of 2010, Square Enix released Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, the first game in the franchise not to go under the name of Tomb Raider.

In 2014, Square Enix announced the launch of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. With multiplayer gameplay with up to 4 players, the game  will run on Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.